The Evil Queen


The Evil Queen is a short story I wrote for a fiction writing competition. It’s my take on an old classic character from popular literature.

This Download comes with a FREE, 4×6 download of the accompanying image.

I hope you enjoy my first major short story!


Victoria had always been a wild thing. At age five, she set the west wing of the palace ablaze. When she was nine, she turned her servant girl into a mouse. At fourteen she wove the briars below her window into a cage that surrounded the palace and took a year to fully get rid of. There wasn’t a single moment in her life where Victoria hadn’t wreaked havoc. Unfortunately, she was a princess and heir to a throne, and wreaking havoc was unacceptable according to her mother. As Victoria made her way through the palace halls to the Queen’s chambers, the candelabras’ sunset flames changed to a vibrant violet, indicating her presence to anyone in proximity to the princess. Servants veered in the other direction when they caught sight of her, but Victoria was used to this. In fact, she loved the scent of their fear.

This purchasable download gives you the whole story as a pdf file and the accompanying image printable at 4×6.


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